“Tamara Falcó’s Glowing Beauty Routine for Her Spectacular Big Day”

Planning a wedding involves a lot of preparations and commitment, and having glowing and radiant skin is a top priority for any bride-to-be. Even Tamara Falcó, Marquise de Griñón, is not an exception. With just a few months until her wedding day in Madrid, Tamara is busy finalizing details and ensuring that her skin is in perfect condition for her big day.

Tamara has revealed her secret to achieving perfect skin, and it’s all about using the right products and treatments. She trusts the rejuvenating Rosa Negra collection by Sisley, which helps redensify and enhance the luminosity of the complexion. As an ambassador for the French firm in Spain, she fully believes in the power of their products and always relies on them. Her favorite products include the Baume-en-Eau à la Rose Noire, which helps with anti-aging, the Huile Précieuse à la Rose Noire, which smooths wrinkles, and the Fluide Contour des Yeux à la Rose Noire, which takes care of the delicate eye area. Her favorite treatment is the Rosa Negra treatment at Maison Sisley, an oasis of well-being in the middle of the city.

Tamara’s skincare routine involves cleaning, hydration, and daily oxygenation, all while ensuring that she’s wearing SPF50 sun protection to prevent spots and marks. She also loves a moisturizing lip balm, which is always in her vanity bag.

When asked for advice for future brides, Tamara encourages them to enjoy the process and pamper themselves. She recommends setting aside time for a facial or other relaxing treatments and to establish a few minutes daily just for themselves. With the right products and treatments, brides can achieve the perfect, radiant, and glowing skin they always dreamed of for their big day.

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