Tandem Boogie Net Worth

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Tandem Boogie Net Worth

Tandem Boogie Net Worth

The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Looking for the perfect year-round family fun board? Look no further than the Tandem Boogie, a surf bodyboard that allows you to share the stoke of riding the same wave. Whether it’s snow or waves, the Tandem Boogie is the ultimate holiday gift for adventure seekers and water enthusiasts.

Featured Product

The Tandem Boogie offers a range of products, including the TANDM Saddle priced at $39.95, the TANDM Air Bodyboard at $199.00, and the Double Barrel Inflatable Bodyboard now available for $79.00. With items in stock and fast shipping, you can experience the thrill of the Tandem Boogie in just 4-6 days.

Tandem Boogie on Shark Tank

The Tandem Boogie, created by the Clark family from San Clemente, has gained widespread attention and will be featured on the popular show “Shark Tank.” The family, consisting of parents John and Manya and their daughters Alleanna, Juliette, and Lyla, will showcase their innovative product on the show. The Tandem Boogie allows two people to share the excitement of riding the same wave, making it a unique and appealing concept for water sports enthusiasts.

The Birth of Tandem Boogie

The idea for the Tandem Boogie was born when John Clark, an avid bodyboarder, came across a mega-wide board at a local San Clemente shop. This sparked the concept of creating a board that would allow him to share the thrill of catching a wave with his daughters. Together with his wife, Manya, who is an industrial engineer with a background in manufacturing, they set out to design a bodyboard that could accommodate two people. The result was a 50-inch tall by 33-inch wide inflatable board with handles for stability, providing an exhilarating experience for riders.

Innovation and Adaptation

Unlike traditional foam Boogie Boards, the Tandem Boogie is inflatable, making it lightweight and portable. The Clarks’ innovative approach to reinventing the bodyboard garnered attention and positive feedback from the surfing community. The adaptation of the original creation by inventor Tom Morey received praise, with Morey expressing his support for the Tandem Boogie and wishing the family success with their venture.

Community Response

The Tandem Boogie made its debut in 2019 at the Ocean Festival in San Clemente, where it received an enthusiastic response from fellow bodyboarders and beachgoers. The positive feedback and smiles on the faces of those who tried the board inspired the Clarks to consider making the Tandem Boogie available to a wider audience. The board appealed not only to hardcore surfers but also to families, children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities, providing an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

Challenges and Triumphs

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clarks persevered and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, surpassing their funding goal and demonstrating the demand for the Tandem Boogie. Early supporters, such as Jen Humboldt from San Juan Capistrano, praised the board for its unique riding experience and the sheer joy it brought to the water. The Tandem Boogie’s ability to capture the essence of fun and happiness resonated with water enthusiasts, making it a standout product in the surfing community.


The Tandem Boogie has not only redefined the experience of riding waves but has also brought people together to share moments of excitement and laughter. With its appearance on “Shark Tank” and the overwhelming support it has received, the Tandem Boogie is poised for continued success and is set to make waves in the world of water sports.

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