Taner Ölmez: what is the hidden talent of the protagonist of “Doctor Milagro”

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The picture of Taner Ölmez is closely related to that of Ali Vefa, the protagonist of the Turkish soap opera “Doctor Miracle ” (“Mucize Doktor” in its original language). His great performance of the unforgettable character has made him known worldwide, but few knew the other talent that the artist has.

The race of does not die began in 2009, at just 23 years old, which would be a promising foray into the world of acting and television series. Thus, he gave life to his first role: Loyal, in the melodrama “The lost City”.

From there, his other roles began to give him greater notoriety in Turkey, until he achieved significant fame with his portrayal of Mert Asim Serez on “tide”.

Thus he consolidated his presence as an actor in his homeland, but his career took another important turn with his starring role as Fidelity on “Doctor Miracle”, The Turkish soap opera that led him to be known to world level.

Besides acting, Taner Ölmez’s other great passion is song. The Turk has a band called barabar and composes melodies that combine jazz y folk. The Ali Vefa of fiction is a Turkish folk music singer off the screens.

The artistic work of Ölmez and his musical band began in 2018 with the release of their first album “Where are you from“And his song”Feridem”Became an immediate hit in Turkey.

While, since 2019, the 35-year-old actor He toured with his musical group in his country, with various concerts. During March 2021, they gave a concert in el Doctor’s Day to thank the health personnel and their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Turkish soap opera “Doctor Miracle“, Which is an adaptation of the South Korean”Good doctor”, Whose central story is that of Ali Vefa, a young doctor who suffers from the Sage Syndrome.

its intellectual condition is very different and broader than that of his colleagues, although his social relationships they are his first difficulty. However, Vefa will show that despite their differences, he has all the talent and ability to save people’s lives.

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