Taskmaster is an unstoppable force that Black Widow will face

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The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe welcomes a new villain. This is Taskmaster from the movie Black Widow.

As we have seen in the trailers, the movie of Black widow will present to Taskmaster, a villain who has the peculiarity that he can copy the movements of his rivals. That is why it has combat techniques similar to Captain America, Black Panther, Hawk Eye or own Black widow.

His identity for now remains secret, as it is one of the great surprises he has prepared Marvel Studios for the movie of Black widow. But now the people who have worked on this new installment of the UCM he wanted to talk about the villain. The director Cate Shortland He said: “I was really excited that Taskmaster was a formidable opponent.”. In the meantime, Scarlett Johansson, commented: “As soon as Natasha starts to experience Taskmaster’s fighting style… She feels lost.”.

David Harbour He also talked about the powers that Taskmaster: “He has the ability to mimic the movements of other characters, from Captain America, Black Panther and Hawkeye.“. Rachel Weisz He also offered his take on the villain and offered some praise on how shocking he is: “When you look at it, I think you feel like it’s the ultimate secret weapon.”.

The story of the Black Widow villain, Taskmaster, in Marvel Comics is one of a hired mercenary and a hero at the same time.  Could he redeem himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What is the movie about?

Black widow is set between Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Therefore, the heroes of Earth are divided and Natasha Romanoff she has to deal alone with a new threat. Is about Taskmaster, an unstoppable force that is also part of a worldwide conspiracy. Fortunately, Nat (Scarlett Johansson) You can count on people from your past. Since when she was a child, she was part of a group of Russian spies who pretended to be a family in the United States.

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Black widow It will be released on July 9, 2021. The rest of the films where the character appears can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform by following this link.

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