Tate Thurman case: the trial of the stepmother accused of beating a baby until the intestines is torn and causing death begins

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According to court documents, Lesli Jett contacted him 911 the February 18, 2020, after your partner’s child, Tate “TT” Thurman, aged four, vanished at his home in East Peoria. Officials later said the boy was found in cardiac arrest, informs Journal Star.

Tate was taken to the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, where the doctors who treated him discovered severe bruising Y lacerations in the body of the baby. He also reportedly had a fractured collarbone, bruising on the genitals and torn buttocks and intestines for severe blunt trauma.

The February 20, 2020, two days after paramedics took the boy to the hospital, Tate was declared with brain death.

Jett told investigators that Tate “slipped on some water and fell to the ground and immediately stopped responding,” according to a probable cause affidavit for the state of Tate.

When they questioned the baby’s father, he repeated the same thing he said Jett and explained that her son slipped and fell to the ground. Authorities, however, said that the baby’s father was at work at the time the minor was injured.

In the same affidavit, it is established that at the time of the incident, Jett I was alone with Tate and a 2 year old boy who was sleeping.

The defendant It was arrested in april of the same year and received a bond of $ 3 million of dollars. Since then, he has remained behind bars awaiting trial.

Lesli Jett pleaded not guilty to all charges, although she is currently charged with murder in the first degree, with the intention to kill a child under the age of 12 Y Aggravated assault.

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The Tazewell County State Attorney, Stu Umholtzhe said about this case earlier this year. “Make no mistake about it, this was a case of abuse.”

According to local press reports, the defense plans push theory about what Tate was injured While he played with his older brother, 7, who was at school on the day of the events. In addition, another strategy planned by the defense will be to argue against the prosecution’s schedule of events and bring an expert to the stand to testify in favor of the theory of cardiac arrest and the child’s injuries.

As reported by the Journal Star, the Tazewell County Circuit Judge, Paul GilfillanHe said Friday that the trial could last about two weeks or maybe longer.

A history of abuse

Authorities said the investigation into the family dates back nine years.

In total they have been carried out seven investigations throughout that time that include other dead baby in 2011 because of a “unsafe sleep environment”, One year before the birth of Tate. As a result of this, social workers investigated the house several times, which caused that the biological mother of Tate lost guardianship.

On 2017, the child’s mother passed away from a drug overdose, which left Tate already his brother in the care of his father, reportedly CBS Chicago. Since the judge’s decision on guardianship, the department of social protection has not contacted the children again.

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