“Taylor Swift: A Champion for Social Liberalism and Capitalism”

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Taylor Swift: The Business Savvy Liberal

Taylor Swift has been making waves on her “Eras” tour, proving her worth as a performer and a businesswoman. While the 33-year-old singer leans heavily to the political left, with firm stances on social issues, she is also a staunch defender of the free market. With an annual income of $150 million, Swift is a prime example of how the free market can work for those who are successful within it.

Swift has been a consistent supporter of gun control groups and the Equality Act, which aims to strengthen the rights of LGBTQ individuals. She has also been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump’s presidency. However, when it comes to her music business, Swift is all about the free market. She has launched an incredible multi-city tour with 27 concerts of over three hours each, playing 44 hits from her previous albums.

While Swift has come under fire for the steep ticket prices for her concerts, it is important to note that it is the free market at work. Original ticket prices ranged from $49 to $499, depending on the location and seat. However, as the concert dates approached and demand skyrocketed, ticket prices rose as high as $5,000, proving the laws of supply and demand.

It is worth noting that Swift puts a significant portion of her earnings back into the production of her shows, including the set, supporting dancers, and venue. Attendees have praised the show’s production, calling it top-notch and worth the high price of admission.

Swift has also been vocal about her stance on streaming policies. In 2014, she removed her entire catalog from Spotify due to what she deemed unfair streaming policies for artists. The following year, she called out Apple Music for not paying artists for trial streams, resulting in the company changing its policies. Since 2017, she has released her entire catalog on all streaming services.

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While Swift is a liberal when it comes to social issues, her support for the free market and business competition make her a unique figure in the entertainment industry. Democrats, who she supports, often raise taxes on the middle class and wealthy taxpayers, and push for more regulations on small and medium-sized businesses. Swift, however, thrives on the advantages of the free market, which is something most conservatives support and encourage.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift is a liberal in the sheets and a conservative on the street. She supports social liberal ideas, while also embracing the advantages of the free market and competition. Her success as a performer and businesswoman is proof of the power of the free market, and Swift is a shining example of how liberalism and capitalism can coexist.

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