Taylor Swift and Evermore, the complicated story behind million dollar lawsuits

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Taylor Swift and Evermore, the complicated story behind million dollar lawsuits

Taylor Swift and the theme park Evermore have discarded their respective demands about the album evermore, stylized in lowercase on the album, according to a Billboard report.

These demands were discarded without requiring a monetary agreement and represent the end of the legal battle between Swift and the fantasy theme park after starting in February.

And is that Evermore made the demand in Utah district court seeking millions in compensation by claiming that the successful album by the American singer had led to confusion among visitors in addition to affecting the park’s search results on Google.

However, three weeks later the lawyers of Swift they counterattacked with a demand who claimed that the Utah theme park had reproduced his client’s music without permission or paying royalties.

As we mentioned, after pursuing their cases in court, both parties have decided to withdraw their respective demands thus avoiding more legal processes in addition to the millionaire payment that the loser would have to make.

And is that Evermore had against him a demand prior to the evermore album for reproducing without permission the music of Swift in the park. According to the legal representatives of the pop star, the park owed him more than a million dollars just for the songs they played from May to December 2019.

It is thus that demands Come in Taylor Swift and the park Evermore It has come to an end without either party having to compensate the other party. On The Truth News We will closely follow the singer’s career to bring you the latest.

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