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Taylor Swift Donates Generously to UK Food Bank Amid Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Donates Generously to UK Food Bank Amid Eras Tour

Taylor Swift has been making massive donations to food banks in each city she performs in during her Era’s Tour, and one of her most recent gifts will provide a full year of meals.

The pop star is currently on the European leg of her record-breaking world tour, and she’s keeping with tradition by silently giving large donations to end hunger. While she’s made a huge impact on every food bank she’s helped, she’s set one Liverpool organization up for a complete restructure.

“It’s the most incredible gift,” said Rich Jones, chief executive of St. Andrew’s Community Network, in an interview with The Guardian. “Because of rising prices, rising need, and falling donations, we’ve been having to subsidize our food ourselves for a long while.”

“But it’s fair to say that Taylor Swift has essentially paid our food bill for 12 months,” he continued. “And that gives us the breathing space to focus on fundraising efforts going forward.”

St. Andrew’s runs 11 food banks and helps support eight community pantries.

Taylor Swift does not publicize her donations, but several spokespeople have shared that she’s fed hundreds of thousands over the past few months. A food bank in Florida was able to put “over 125,000 meals on tables,” thanks to the singer. Another donation in Arizona helped an organization send 40,000 pounds of fresh produce to its food banks.

According to The Guardian, Taylor also made a huge difference to a food bank in Wales after a concert on June 18th.

“We’re going to buy an articulated lorry full of food and other most-needed items to supplement our emergency food parcels,” said Rachel Biggs, chief executive of Cardiff Foodbank. “This will provide the weight equivalent to feeding 1,200 people three meals a day, for three days … This will be 2.5 weeks of what we typically distribute.”

This story’s featured image is by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images.

Source: The Guardian, The Guardian