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Taylor Swift Fans 'Crying' Over Travis Kelce With the Mahomes at Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Fans ‘Crying’ Over Travis Kelce With the Mahomes at Eras Tour

Taylor Swift attended 13 Kansas City Chiefs games last season, and now the team’s star quarterback is returning the favor.

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes were present for Taylor’s recent Eras Tour concert on Saturday, July 6, at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam.

Naturally, Travis Kelce was also at Saturday’s concert. The NFL tight end has been supporting the “Anti-Hero” singer at multiple stops on her European tour. This time, however, he wasn’t the only Chiefs player in attendance.

Swifties were thrilled to see a video of Travis hanging out with Patrick and Brittany in a suite during the concert. In the fan-captured footage, Patrick and Brittany, both 28, danced sweetly to Taylor’s “Lover,” while Travis, 34, sang passionately next to them.

“Patrick and Brittany Mahomes swaying with Travis singing his little heart out,” the video uploader captioned on Instagram. Fans quickly commented to express how much they appreciated the athlete’s support for Taylor, 34.

“Bro out there singing like it’s the first time he ever saw her in concert,” one user remarked. Another added, “Travis pounding his chest and doing a half heart is literally sending me into cardiac arrest ❤️.”

“Why is this making me cry?!” another commenter wrote.

“So glad the Mahomes finally made it to Europe! 🥰” a different comment read.

The event took place nearly a year since Taylor performed in Kansas City last July, which was the first time Travis attended the Eras Tour.

Back then, Travis and Taylor hadn’t met yet. He tried to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number, but couldn’t secure a meet-and-greet. As time has shown, things turned out well for Travis.

Source: Particle News