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Taylor Swift Honors Travis Kelce at Amsterdam Eras Tour Anniversary

Taylor Swift Honors Travis Kelce at Amsterdam Eras Tour Anniversary

Taylor Swift is radiating love and made sure everyone knew it during her performance live on stage on Saturday, July 6. She paid tribute to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, with a special mashup of three songs.

The singer, performing for the third night in Amsterdam, selected surprise songs that subtly hinted at her current state of mind. Fans speculated that there was an “invisible string” connecting her and Travis all along.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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For the piano portion of the acoustic set, Taylor began with “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” from her debut album. The song narrates a love story between a boy and girl whose parents are friends, who eventually fall in love during their teenage years.

The song concludes with the lyrics, “I’ll be eighty-seven; you’ll be eighty-nine,” a line that fans believe signifies Taylor and Travis were meant for each other. Travis’s NFL shirt number is 87, while Taylor is closely associated with the year 1989.

Taylor Swift performing
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She then transitioned into “So High School,” a new track already featured in her full set list. This song is believed to express how her romance with Travis makes her feel like she’s back in high school. The line, “Bittersweet sixteen suddenly,” recalls the second verse of “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My),” which starts with, “Well, I was sixteen when suddenly.”

The third song was “Everything Has Changed” from her Red era. This track includes lyrics such as, “You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours / All I know since yesterday / Is everything has changed,” mirroring sentiments in “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My).”

Watch the performance here:

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After the show, Travis—who was watching from a suite with his best friend Patrick Mahomes and Patrick’s wife Brittany—joined Taylor at the side of the stage. He walked backstage with her as cheering fans looked on.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, has often been spotted with Taylor backstage. The previous night, the couple was captured holding hands and waving at fans before Taylor placed her hands on Travis’s waist, guiding him along.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift backstage
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During her performance at London’s Wembley Stadium on the third night, Travis even appeared on stage as part of the transition to “I Can Do It With A Broken Ground,” lending a helping hand to her dancers in getting her ready for the next performance.

It’s believed that Travis and Taylor met in late July 2023 after Travis attended her Eras Tour show in Kansas City, MO, on July 5, 2023. At the end of July, Travis publicly expressed his disappointment for not meeting her to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it. Taylor later revealed in December 2023 that they began hanging out after his public call-out.

Taylor has since attended many of Travis’s games, including the 2024 Super Bowl where the Chiefs emerged victorious for the second year in a row. During his off-season, the NFL star has been traveling across continents to support his girlfriend.

Source: Getty, Carlos Alvarez, Twitter