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Taylor Swift Performs Alleged Joe Jonas Breakup Song ‘Last Kiss’ on July 9th

Taylor Swift delighted fans with a special treat at her Eras Tour concert in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 9. During the acoustic surprise songs portion of her set, the 34-year-old songstress gave a nod to the date, wishing the audience a "Happy July 9th to those who celebrate." She then performed a mashup of "Last Kiss" from her 2010 album Speak Now and "Sad Beautiful Tragic" from 2012.

"Last Kiss" is rumored to be about her past relationship with Joe Jonas. In the song, Swift reflects on a memorable day, singing, "I do recall now the smell of the rain / Fresh on the pavement, I ran off the plane / That July 9th, the beat of your heart / It jumps through your shirt, I can still feel your arms."

Swift’s brief romance with Jonas in 2009 was well publicized. When promoting Speak Now in 2010, Swift revealed that the album’s tracks were deeply personal, capturing an intense period in her life. "I don’t think I would have been happy about this album if I hadn’t written about all of it," she stated, highlighting the significance of storytelling in her music.

In recent years, Swift and Jonas, both now 34, appear to have mended any past grievances. In a May 2023 interview on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Jonas confirmed that he and Swift were "cool." Fans speculate that a line from Swift’s "Invisible String" might reference Jonas’ eldest daughter, further hinting at their amicable relationship.

Swift addressed any lingering bad blood in a 2019 interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When asked about the most rebellious thing she did as a teenager, Swift sheepishly mentioned putting Jonas on blast during a previous episode of the show. "That was too much," she admitted, reflecting on her younger, more impulsive self.

Swift was referencing a 2008 episode of Ellen where, while promoting her album Fearless, she revealed that some songs were about Jonas, her then-boyfriend, and their subsequent breakup. More recently, Swift has shown public support for Jonas’ estranged wife, actress Sophie Turner, amid their contentious divorce.

Turner expressed her gratitude towards Swift in a British Vogue interview, highlighting how Swift lent her a New York apartment following her split from Jonas. "Taylor was an absolute hero to me this year," Turner remarked. "I’ve never been more grateful to anyone than I am for her because she took my children and me, and provided us with a home and a safe space."

A source previously informed ET that Swift and Turner have always maintained a friendly and respectful relationship. They’ve been fans of each other and friends for quite some time. Turner and Jonas, who share two daughters, filed for divorce in September 2023 after four years of marriage.

Meanwhile, it’s been a year since Swift’s current relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce became public. The couple has been spotted together at various events, including a late-night party in London during Swift’s Eras Tour stop. Kelce even made a surprise appearance on stage.

Source: ET Online