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Taylor Swift Seeks Help for Fans in Switzerland Heatwave

Taylor Swift Seeks Help for Fans in Switzerland Heatwave
Taylor Swift performs onstage during “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” at Johan Cruijff Arena on July 5, 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Aldara Zarraoa, Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana

Taylor Swift asked stadium workers for assistance during her 10-minute “All Too Well” song on her first night performing in Zürich, Switzerland, as the summer heat drenched the open-roofed stadium.

The temperature reached a high of 89 degrees on Tuesday in Zurich, making conditions challenging for concert-goers. “We need some help right there,” Swift said before singing the line, “time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it.”

Moments later, she reiterated to the Stadion Letzigrund staff, “Help back there please.”

Though numerous safety workers and first responders are stationed along the perimeter of the stage and scattered throughout the arena to hand out water and respond to emergencies, the singer can often see fans trying to catch her attention through flashing lights and waving.

Swift acknowledged the sweltering conditions in her opening greeting before launching into the “Lover” era title track. “I’m looking out at this crowd tonight, and you’ve decided to come out here in the heat, in the blazing sun, and you’re still dancing like crazy,” she remarked. “Immediate bonus points right off the bat.”

Temperatures dipped into the low 80s/high 70s during the concert after hitting 89 degrees earlier in the day. It wasn’t until more than an hour into the set that the sun dipped below the edge of the stadium, providing some relief after the combined “Folkmore” era.

Before the concert kicked off, fans captured photos and videos of large misting fans set up for cooling. Stadium staff handed out reflective gold and silver rescue blankets and later water bottles to help fans cope with the heat.

Floor seating is typically open outside the U.S. tour, meaning there are no chairs and no assigned seats. Swift has frequently paused her show in Europe to request help for fans. First responders usually hold glow lights above their heads to navigate the packed floor. There have been no major reported injuries during this leg of the tour, and the singer isn’t hesitant to alert workers when necessary.

In Stockholm, Swift asked fans if they were holding up lights to get her attention or if someone needed help before the acoustic section.

In Scotland, she noticed a fan needed help and strummed her guitar until workers arrived to assist the distressed fan.

In London, Swift requested assistance during several songs.

In Dublin, she pointed out a fan who needed help and then thanked staff while switching outfits and singing “Lavender Haze.”

In Amsterdam, she interrupted “All Too Well” three times to ensure fans’ safety.

The sold-out concert in Zurich marked Swift’s first-ever performance in Switzerland. She has one more concert scheduled on Wednesday before moving on to Milan, Italy, for shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: Nashville Tennessean