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Taylor Swift Stuck on Elevated Platform During Concert

Taylor Swift Stuck on Elevated Platform During Concert

During Taylor Swift’s Dublin Eras Tour concert on Saturday (June 29) at Aviva Stadium in Ireland, the pop star encountered another stage mishap.

While performing her song “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” the elevated platform that Swift was standing on got stuck in the air.

Without missing a beat, Swift’s dancer Jan Ravnik promptly jumped into action, assisting her down from the stuck platform.

A fan captured the incident and posted the footage on Twitter/X on Saturday. “Jan helping Taylor after the stage malfunctioned before TSMWEL! Taylor reacted so fast, I would be standing there like,” the fan tweeted.

Swift appeared unfazed by the stage issue and continued her performance seamlessly.

Another fan shared a different perspective of the moment on TikTok, showing Swift flashing a big smile to the audience as Ravnik gently sets her down on the stage.

“He was so graceful, like it was supposed to be part of the show,” commented one fan on the TikTok video, praising the dancer’s professionalism.

Speculating on the preparedness of such incidents, another fan wrote on Twitter/X, “Makes me wonder if they plan for things like that. Like ‘ok if this happens I’ll just sit and you come get me’. But does that mean she will carry him off if his malfunctions lmao.”

Fans praised the entire team for their professionalism. “They are the ultimate professionals! and I mean the entire cast, band, and crew!” raved another fan on Twitter.

Sharing a friend’s reaction, one person tweeted, “My friend was there and she’s tried to stay spoiler free. Txting me like ‘was that spose to happen’ me: ‘nooope’ her: ‘yeah I thought not. She seemed really unprepared,'” accompanied by laughing emojis.

Another person tweeted, “I def wouldve panicked, jumped down twisted an ankle with those heels and broken my ankle.”

Despite the stage mishap, it appears that Swift has been enjoying her time in Ireland. On Friday, she shared a photo on her Instagram Story of a sweet note and flowers from Irish band U2 welcoming her to Dublin.

“Dear Taylor, Welcome back to our hometown…. leave some of it standing?!!!! Your Irish fan club,” the note read, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

“Already feeling that Irish hospitality!” Swift wrote in response on her Story.

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