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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Kickoff Hints at Travis Kelce Connection

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Kickoff Hints at Travis Kelce Connection

Taylor Swift just achieved a new first for her Eras Tour with a sweet nod to Travis Kelce.

During the singer’s third consecutive show in Amsterdam on Saturday, July 6, she chose a surprise song that she hadn’t performed on the tour yet, and Kelce, 34, was in the audience to witness it.

After singing a mashup of her songs “Sweeter Than Fiction” and “Holy Ground” during the first acoustic performance, Swift, 34, moved to the piano to perform a medley of three other songs, including the highly-requested “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My).”

“Mary’s Song” has long been significant to fans since Swift got together with the NFL player, who famously wears jersey number 87 on the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the song from her debut, self-titled album, Swift sings, “I’ll be eighty-seven; you’ll be eighty-nine.” If you follow her albums, you know the 14-time Grammy winner has an album titled 1989, a reference to her birth year (and Kelce’s).

Once she began dating Kelce, fans quickly noticed the connections between the pair that existed long before they met each other. Throughout this time, “Mary’s Song” has been a significant connection.

Fans have been urging Swift to sing “Mary’s Song” for months, and she finally performed it on Saturday, mixing the romantic track with a song from her latest album, “So High School,” which is believed to have been written about Kelce.

Swift even added “Everything Has Changed” from her Red album, perhaps referencing how just a year ago she and Kelce were strangers, and now they’re completely in love.

Fans took to X to share their reactions. One fan wrote, “Yep, she in love. They’re end game,” while another quipped, “She’s down BAD.”

Another fan gushed, “The absolute best mashups ever,” adding, “Thank you for that,” directed at the “Anti-Hero” songstress.

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