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Taylor Swift’s July 4th ‘Eras’ Tour Outfit Sparks Debate

Taylor Swift’s July 4th ‘Eras’ Tour Outfit Sparks Debate

Taylor Swift

Debuts New ‘Eras’ Tour Look on the 4th

… Sparks Debate

Taylor Swift has debuted a new look in her ever-evolving ‘Eras’ tour but Swifties seem torn over the outfit’s significance.

The singer hit the stage at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands Thursday evening, and appeared to debut a new outfit for her ‘1989’ era.

Check it out … Swifties couldn’t get enough of Taylor as she performed her hit, “Style,” in a sparkling blue crop top and red-orange skirt. Many fans were quick to point out that this is a combo she’s yet to wear … as she’s recently switched up the looks for this particular segment of her record-breaking tour.

Dutch fans were quick to praise Taylor’s style … as they believed she wore the blue and red-orange ensemble to pay homage to the Netherlands. In case you didn’t know, the Dutch flag was originally blue, white, and orange … with red eventually replacing orange on the ensign.

However, as Taylor’s concert fell on the Fourth of July — one of the singer’s favorite holidays — American Swifties were convinced the outfit was meant to commemorate America’s birthday.

It didn’t take long for fans to share their opinions on X, with one putting it best when they wrote … “She made both American and Netherlands fans happy by this outfit.”

Taylor has 2 more shows in the Netherlands, so she’ll be skipping out on this year’s holiday weekend. The Grammy winner has become known for throwing lavish Fourth of July parties at her Watch Hill residence … often inviting her famous friends to party it up at her impressive manse.

Last year’s celebration saw Taylor enjoying some sun and girl time with Selena Gomez and the HAIM sisters. In fact, this girls’ trip came right before Taylor’s ‘Eras’ tour stop in Kansas City … where now-boyfriend Travis Kelce first tried to shoot his shot with the singer.

Well … you know the rest of their love story!!!

Source: TMZ