Tchia: this is the creative adventure set in New Caledonia; new trailer

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Tchia is one of the most colorful titles we saw last night during the PlayStation Showcase. The title, which was announced at Christmas 2020 for PC, completes the trio of platforms to which it will arrive sometime in 2022 with PS5 and PS4. The team in charge is Awaceb, and its leaders have been inspired by their place of origin: New Caledonia, a French Territorial Collectivity. Here is his new trailer, in which you can appreciate the fidelity with which the developers have recreated the set of islands and archipelagos.

Tchia: everything you need to know

Tchia’s main hallmark is the studio’s decision to settle in her own homeland, according to its director, Phil Crifo: “our culture has influenced all aspects of the experience we are creating”, He assures. The project is being developed by two people: Crifo and his friend Thierry and is full of references to New Caledonia. Without going any further, the name of the study (Awaceb) translates into the expression that its inhabitants use to indicate that we should not worry, because nothing happens.

Although the characters are fictional and the game features fantastic elements, the main objective of the study is “to build something that everyone can understand and enjoy.” The flora, fauna, some cultural – and musical – customs, as well as different traditions of the locals are represented in the adventure, although Crifo emphasizes that the experience will be enjoyable for any type of user, both for those who know the region, and for those who do not.

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In terms of mechanics, the title focuses on exploration, gathering, treasure hunting and puzzle solving. We can also travel on the back of different animals and carry out activities such as fishing, harvesting and playing music, among others. Tchia will go on sale sometime in 2022 for PC, PS5 and PS4.

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