Team Fordzilla and P1, the sim-racing one step further

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Driving is a pleasure that is not always within our reach, so video games have allowed us to fulfill the dream of getting behind the wheel and experiencing speed in our own skin while dominating a circuit. In the past 2020 driving titles became a haven during a bitter year. In this 2021, Forza Horizon 5 has surprised us with a new level of technological delicacy at all levels, at the same time that virtual reality opens new frontiers. And during this same Gamergy -where projects such as BeFootball have been presented- Team Fordzilla, Ford’s division dedicated to electronic sports, has presented us P1, the virtual racing car video game competition.

A car designed by the gaming community

At Gamergy’s Team Fordzilla booth, we saw the P1 prototype, which is presented as a avant-garde lines car inside which we can access its own virtual platform with streaming. “The process to create it has been groundbreaking,” says Amko Leenarts, Ford of Europe Design Director. “” Ford designers launched key design decisions via Twitter. Each survey defined a design attribute, from the exterior to the engine to the cabin. “

In collaboration with HP, Ford has transformed its P1 into the ultimate platform for streaming of virtual races. Already at the last Gamescom, the full-scale prototype P1 was presented to make it an unbeatable racing simulator. With an integrated gaming steering wheel and pedals and the computing power of a workstation HP Z4 and with the virtual reality glasses HP Reverb G2. In its recent version presented at Gamergy, the P1 will incorporate three 4k cameras (pedals, steering wheel and face), a gigantic 10×4 meter screen and a powerful workstation of HP to be able to broadcast on streaming. During the fair, visitors will be able to experience first-hand a new level of racing simulation in virtual reality.

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“Until now, there was a lot of realism in racing simulation, but it was not quite immersive,” says Melchor Sanz, CTO of HP Spain. “With P1 we manage to make the whole experience immersive, we redraw the environment as we drive and we make the interaction so organic to avoid motion sickness! In the P1, players control the game through a steering wheel and pedals The improved lighting also absolutely prevents the feeling of dizziness inside the vehicle, with a gentle push while we wait for the next race. Then, while driving, the taillights are synchronized with braking moments during the game to connect outside spectators with the entire game. In addition, auditory stimulation is offered, with a built-in audio system that channels a realistic and personalized sound design to the driver.

Leenarts is proud of a creative process that has brought players on board: “It was a really incredible process for the entire team, from the designers to the social media managers at Ford in Europe. Not just because it’s something none of us had. done before, but because we also discovered that players can be a perfect designer companions. ”

Team Fordzilla has a very clear goal with P1: to bring the emotion of movement through the sim-racing. “It’s about being agile, fast, and competitive, but it’s also about feeling passion for cars. And, without a doubt, P1 represents this: passion for beauty turned into a super sports car. “If you want to feel the same P1 behind the wheel, this one awaits you at the Fordzilla stand in Gamergy, on December 17, 18 and 19 at the Ifema in Madrid.

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