Tears of Themis reveals its release date for Android and iOS

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At the end of last April miHoYo, creators of the successful Genshin Impact, announced their new game: Tears of Themis. It is a romantic detective visual novel intended for iOS and Android mobile devices that will arrive on July 29. The revelation of its release date has been one of the details shared by the company, along with new details of the game that we leave you explained below. In addition, we remember that Tears of Themis It had a beta in May, but it is now that we can finally enjoy the full game.

The keys to Tears of Themis, the new from miHoYo

To begin with, we can emphasize that it is a totally free game but with certain internal purchases, a model that from miHoYo often use in their launches. As for its initial synopsis, this is the one provided by the company in charge: “Players will begin their legal career as lawyers graduates and will be joined by four distinctive male protagonists with complex personalities as they search for the truth and unravel the massive conspiracy that hides behind worlds of justice and crime”.

As you can see, it is a game of detectives with all the letters, so we will have to investigate scenes where crimes have happened, collect clues and find out the truth in each case to face our adversary in court. As members of Themis Law Firm, the city of Stellis will be the virtual setting in which we will spend a good number of hours developing our profession. Of course the romance It will also be a fundamental pillar in the adventure, so we will meet characters with whom to interact, have dates and more.

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We remind you that Tears of Themis will become available on a free from next July 29 on iOS and Android mobile devices. For now will not arrive translated into Spanish, Instead, it will be in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dubbing.

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