Tekashi69’s Generosity Shines: Lavishes Yailin with Lavish Jewelry and a Whopping 10 Thousand Dollar Bag

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Yailin: Moving On After Breakup with Anuel AA

After her break with Anuel AA, Yailin has not been seen crying; on the contrary, the singer has been more active than ever on social networks, events, and in the musical world.

First, the Dominican was seen very close dancing and working with Blanquito Perla, also known as Shadow Blow.

Later, Cattleya’s mother, a product of her marriage to Anuel, shared a mysterious publication of some expensive gifts received for Valentine’s Day.

Today, to the surprise of many, La más viral published a video and several photographs together with the controversial Tekashi69, who, in gratitude for recording a musical theme together, gave her watches and bracelets full of diamonds and an Hermès bag that can be worth more than 10 thousand dollars.

This is a gift for you, said the rapper, who was recently the victim of a tremendous beating in a gym in South Florida.

“I am grateful to work with you and the opportunity.” Very cautious, the interpreter, who confessed that he was a little drunk, showed the certificate of purchase of the products.

“This is in case one day you don’t want to talk to me and you want to sell it,” she said, hugging the grieving singer.

Cut to… neither slow nor lazy, the “Just You and Me” singer proudly showed off her expensive gifts and showed off her perfect manicure.

A few days ago, Anuel’s ex caused an uproar by dedicating an office song to him and by changing her little girl’s last name on networks. Will this be the beginning of a romance between the Dominican and Mexican American? Only time will tell.

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