Tekken x Street Fighter is “dead”; Harada confirms its cancellation

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Tekken x Street Fighter is canceled, according to recent statements by Katsuhiro Harada, general producer of Bandai Namco and father of the Tekken series. After the opening of his bar in Tokyo and the inauguration of a radio program with interviews, the creative has dedicated in his latest program Harada’s Bar Radio a few minutes to the failed project, which reached 30% of its development.

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Tekken x Street Fighter: Complete Models, Creative Intentions and Memories

When asked by Tekken x Street Fighter, Harada confirms that “development came to a standstill, but we got to have over 30% completed ”. To which he adds (minute 21:23 of the attached video): “We wanted to show it, but the project died”.

A little earlier, in this same video (minute 17:15), he anticipates that they had models of various characters and that “we were working so hard on it”. While expressing his desire to be able to express character modeling and other preliminary sketches, he is especially proud of the female character finishes, such as Chun-Li (Street Fighter), it is known that he cannot do it because that material belongs to Capcom. Above all, he insists that they were very determined to carry out the project, full of vicissitudes and obstacles.

A decade waiting for a project that will not see the light; at least how we knew it

It was during the San Diego ComicCon 2010 when the starting gun was fired for the greatest crossover of the contemporary era between two licenses of the two-dimensional fighting genre; the two most successful of the moment. Yoshihiro Ono, head of the powerful Street Fighter IV, confirmed that Street Fighter and Tekken were going to see each other in a video game led by Capcom. But not only that, but once said title was published, Bandai Namco would take the lead to do the same with one based on the Tekken structure, which for ten years we knew and expected under the name of Tekken x Street Fighter.

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During all this time we knew foreseeable aspects such as an adaptation of the technical section to the Tekken style, but it was not easy. They encountered difficulties recreating Ryu’s fireballs (Street Fighter) and, after projects like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Tekken 7, the latter especially important in the title, this crossover it was relegated to the background; to the point that in 2015 it was recognized that only 40 people remained immersed in the same. At the end of 2018 it was known that he reached that 30% of development, but in 2019In statements to VGC, Harada already hinted that the game might never be released and that it was “difficult to justify.”

Source | Harada’s Bar (minute 17:15 onwards and minute 21:23 onwards)


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