Tekken X Street Fighter is not dead and its creator talks about the future of the game

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Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada apologized for a recent video saying that Tekken X Street Fighter, what had been inactive for a long time, had been officially canceled; and now clarified that the subtitles they were mistranslated and that the project continues “earring”.

The story began after an episode of the talk show Harada’s Bar, in which the leader of the Tekken saga was translated as saying: Development stopped but we achieved 30 percent. We wanted to show it, but the project died. “. Despite the fact that it was announced in 2010 and was never released, the game was never formally canceled, with many interpreting this to mean that now it had been.

Harada has now issued a statement, explaining that his actual words were that the project was on hiatus, saying that the actual translation should have been: “Up to 30% of the development was in progress, but is still pending now.”. He added that this means that the project has not changed state at all and acknowledges that “It’s not a good thing for us or for you.”.

Harada closed by saying that he still hopes the project will one day become a reality. We are still hopeful that TKxSF will resume development when the opportunity arises. “, wrote. “However, that title cannot be moved just for the convenience of a company in terms of marketing and branding, and it also affects the development resources of each. For now, sWe’re just waiting for the right opportunity. “.

Tekken x Street Fighter it was announced 11 years ago, along with the add-on game Street Fighter x Tekken. The latest project came in 2012, with a 2D fighting game that used Street Fighter mechanics alongside the Tekken characters. And the game that we are dealing with today would reverse the idea, leaving Street Fighter characters in Tekken’s 3D system.

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We have known for years that the game only reached 30% of its development before work was stopped, and Harada previously said that Tekken x Street Fighter was “harder to justify” after continued success (and ongoing updates) for Tekken 7. “My logical and business thinking makes me wonder if I really should.”Harada said at the time.

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