Telegram: how to make group video calls and how they differ from WhatsApp

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For a long time group video calls in Telegram They were only available in beta or trial version; However, last Friday, June 25, the brothers Pavel and Nikolái Dúrov launched a new update of their application where we can officially enjoy this tool with several people. In the next note we are going to teach you all the steps to create a group video call.

At the time of update Telegram, the company sends us a message to the application chat where it informs us that we can now make video calls with up to 30 people at the most and that we can simultaneously share our screen. They also pointed out that this tool is available both for mobiles with the Android operating system, iPhone iOS and the web version.

If you have not yet updated the application, we recommend that you enter the Google Play Store or the App Store to enjoy all these benefits. Although WhatsApp already had the video call format for a long time, those of Telegram they offer you a totally different experience, because they are not alike in anything, not in the interface and not even when creating them. Later we will detail what are the differences between these two giants.

If you have a problem with notifications from Telegram, enter and follow all the solutions recommended by the application for both mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems. In case these alternatives do not work, enter the guide .

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