Telegram is safer and more private than WhatsApp, according to its founder

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What happens when WhatsApp goes down? Let everyone rush to Telegram. And when at the beginning of this year did you introduce the new more aggressive use policy that users did not like? That there was a real exodus to other messaging apps like Telegram, Signal, and others. In fact, Telegram itself helps you migrate your WhatsApp chats so as not to lose them.

In the networks there are authentic anti-WhatsApp and pro-Telegram and pro-Signal movements. And although Telegram has started to put advertising, its founder, Pavel Durov, continues to defend it as an application that gives more guarantees for privacy than WhatsApp.

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At the end of 2020, Telegram showed us its plans to monetize its app, something that has been a reality recently. But the truth is that, although there is advertising on Telegram, yes, but much less invasive than we might think. And it works like this: Ads are only shown on massive channels that have more than a thousand followers, neither in banner nor in private chats.

And also, each ad has a maximum of 160 characters in the Tweet plan, and the order not to put external links, so the promotion stays within Telegram and cannot take you to an external website.

Durov has ensured that even with the introduction of sponsored messages, users of this messaging app are more ad-free than the users of the rival, WhatsApp. Specifically, it has defended that its monetization tool does not share private user data with advertisers, nor will ads be displayed in chats, contrary to what happens in WhatsApp.

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Telegram provides more privacy than WhatsApp

According your last post on your account: WhatsApp already shares user data with advertisers, even if they don’t show ads themselves. On Telegram, however, advertisers will never get your private data. Also, if you use Telegram like you use WhatsApp, you will never see a single ad. Sponsored posts can only appear on channels, which are a unique feature of the social network that Telegram added several years after its launch. If WhatsApp introduces a similar feature, it will likely show ads there too, as its parent company already does on Instagram and Facebook.

Online advertisements should no longer be synonymous with abuse of user privacy. We would like to redefine how a technology company should operate by setting an example of a self-sustaining platform that respects its users and content creators ”.


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