Telegram News for September: Record Live Streams

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Applications like WhatsApp usually release news without a fixed date, every time they are available. But others like Telegram have an important monthly update established, and each month they gather all the news that they are going to implement in a single update.

News Telegram September

And this month’s is loaded, as it allows you to set different themes for individual chats, share your feelings using interactive emojis with full-screen effects, view detailed read receipts in groups, and record video and audio from live broadcasts. Let’s go through them all:

Chat topics

Telegram has dozens of features to organize your chats and customize their appearance, from folders to animated backgrounds. The new update introduces 8 new themes that can be applied to specific private chats.. Each of the new themes has colorful gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns.

Both you and your chat partner can choose the topic for both of you and make each conversation easy to recognize. In this way you can set different topics for chats with coworkers and family. Each theme comes with a version for day and night and will follow your app’s night mode settings, whether you keep your chats in the dark all day, or you like them to follow the sun. Your chat partner will be able to see the topic if they are using the latest version of Telegram.

To set a topic for your chat:

  • On Android, tap the Chat header> ⋮> Change colors
  • On iOS, tap the Chat header> ⋯> Change colors.

Interactive emojis

And Telegram “We have created a new way to share emotions in real time”, And sending an emoji of giesta, balloon, thumbs up, the smiling poop or a heart in any private chat you will create a full screen effect.

If both users have the chat open at the same time, animations and vibrations will play simultaneously on both devices. Your chat partner will only see the effects if they are using the latest version of Telegram.

Small Group Reading Confirmations

Both chat themes and interactive emojis currently work only in private chats. But this update also brings a big change for groups. Group messages are marked as read (✓✓) as soon as one of the members sees it. In small groups, you can now also select a message you sent to see which group members have read it.

To protect the privacy of users, read receipts in groups are stored only for 7 days from the sending of the message. It is not a Telegram issue to have a record of everything you have seen.

Recording live streams and video chats

Telegram hosts millions of communities that can create live events for an unlimited number of viewers. And now managers can grabar live streams and video chats, so you can have a record for those who missed the live version.

Administrators can start a recording directly from the menu of the live stream or video chat, with options to record video and audio or audio only. To record video, choose an orientation for the final video file, portrait or landscape. After finishing the recording or ending the transmission, the file is instantly sent to your Saved Messages.

Touch the three dots vertically or horizontally to open the streaming menu and start recording. While recording, a red dot appears next to the broadcast title.


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