Telltale Games reveals the city where the Wolf Among Us 2 will take place and more development news

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It seems like a lie, but It has rained a lot since the launch of The Wolf Among Us. One of Telltale Games’ most memorable interactive adventures. Not in vain, he offered us an argument as interesting as it is quirky, with a reinvention of the classic tales that we all know, but with a much darker and more sinister approach.

And now that Telltale Games is back on its feet, it’s time to go ahead and find out what’s new in the long-awaited sequel. From the outset, and as they have confirmed from the study, we already know that the title will take place in New York City.

The news has come through the information that Telltales Games has shared, exclusively, with the Game Informer magazine. These new details have been published in its latest issue, and the Twitter user @ shinobi602 has shared the most important keys in his account.

As they comment, the events of The Wolf Among Us 2 will take place 6 months after the events of the original game. In addition, and as we anticipated, the setting for the sequel will be the city of New York, which will also present its winter version.

On the other hand, Telltale Games ensures that the title is in full production phase, well advanced. In fact, they confirm that the script is already completely finished, as well as that they are now in a phase in which the movement capture of the characters is carried out with real actors.

Also, we have to be optimistic, because the company ensures that development has been greatly optimized thanks to the use of the Unreal Engine. And, if you remember, Telltale never used the Epic engine in the past. Finally, it is important to remember that the study recently confirmed that at the beginning of 2022 they will give us some more information. Are they already preparing a trailer? Will we know the release date? We will be on the lookout for contartelo.

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