Terelu Campos’ heartbreak after ‘Save Me’ cancellation: ‘Absolutely Devastating’

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The Emotional Fallout of Sálvame’s Cancellation Continues

The decision by the Mediaset management leadership to cancel Sálvame on June 16 has left an emotional hangover among the program’s collaborators. Several commentators have now broken their silence to express their opinions on the matter. The latest to speak out was Terelu Campos, daughter of María Teresa Campos and a former presenter of the program. She, like her colleagues, is still digesting the unexpected news of the program’s closure, 14 years since it aired.

What Happens to the Collaborators?

Although La Fábrica de la Tele, the producer of Sálvame, has yet to make a statement, individual collaborators have expressed their views. Terelu Campos has used social media to reveal her reaction. After what she calls a “horrible Friday”, she posted a message that suggested she’s trying to switch off with Real Madrid’s victory. The cancellation affects the future of Campos and her colleagues, as they move into a new stage from June 16.

Collaborators React to the Cancellation

Kiko Hernández was the first collaborator to express his feelings about Friday’s “hard day”. However, Kiko Matamoros also used social media to say goodbye to the show and thank viewers for supporting it. Carmen Borrego, Campos’ sister, responded to his statement with some warm words.

The Future for the Collaborators is Unclear

Belén Esteban, a long-term collaborator, has not commented on the cancellation, but has hinted that she is “happy with life”. The future work awaiting the collaborators after the cancellation of the program is unknown.

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