Teresa Fidalgo: The Mystery Woman on the Internet. Is She a Ghost or not?

By: Amelia Deming

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Social media is full of viral hoaxes and made-up stories. While some are easy to joke about, others can give you nightmares, despite their non-association with reality. You will often come across many mysterious conspiracy theories that are sure to give you sleepless nights. These good old-fashioned stories are also laden with threats and deceitful chain messages.

One such story that did rounds across the internet and social media is that of Teresa Fidalgo. The message informs people to share the story or face the negative consequences of the same. So, who is Teresa Fidalgo? Is her story real or an internet gimmick? Read this article till the end to find out.

Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

The stories on the internet suggest that Teresa Fidalgo is the name of a dead young lady. According to these stories, Teresa succumbed to death in a car accident in Portugal in 1983. A haunting spirit that she had become, she later started scaring people by posting messages on social media platforms.

There is a Footage on the Internet

If the story about the girl is to be believed, Teresa’s video came out across the internet on the 12th of July 2003 and has gone viral ever since.

The clip shows two friends traveling through the highlands when they decide to hitch a ride with a woman called Teresa. The new traveler is silent at first, but gradually she begins to point out the area on the road where she died. Within an instant, the camera swings back to her. Her face is full of blood is revealed after which the vehicle gets smashed.

Ever since the video was released online, it caught the attention and the imagination of many people, who started coming up with their own theories about it. For some, Teresa became a young woman who died in a car accident and then came back as a ghost. Others called it an urban legend and owed it to the power of the internet to spread the word so quickly.

Is the Footage Real or Not?

It appears that not every ghost story on the internet comes out to be true. At least, Teresa Fidalgo’s story is not! The name has no association with reality. She is, in fact, a fictional character from a Portuguese movie whose trailer went viral. But the rumors have something else to say.

Her story, including the internet footage, is a fictional story similar to Slender Man and other well-known ghost stories. The actual search results of her name don’t appear anywhere on the internet, nor does the lady in the video clip Teresa. In fact, no lady with such a name exists, and Teresa is merely a fictional character in David Rebordo’s viral movie called ‘A Curva’. The video clip you see on the internet is a part of that movie.

As soon as the story began to spread, it reached out to the man who produced it. David was bowled out by the number of shares of the story. He even stated that it was surprising to know how people believed in the story and said that he is now seeking to secure funding for future scripted features.

Teresa Fidalgo Became a Social Media Sensation

There is no medium as greater as the internet and social media for spreading a story. A lot many people started believing Teresa Fidalgo’s story. They even participated in the chain message spree of forwarding her message to as many people as they could to save themselves from a misfortune like accident or death.

Social media took this story to next level, and when it was found that Teresa was nobody but a fictional character, the people who believed it were shaken.

It is not unfair to say that the internet has changed communication, but sadly this technology has also made it easier to spread fake news. The above-mentioned saga is one of the many stories involving hoaxes, pranks, and other copy-pasted gimmicks. We advise you to cross-check the facts before spreading such news to your friends and family. In the end, it is our obligation to use the internet as well as social media mindfully.

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