Teresa Rabal: The Spanish Actress behind Sor Asunción’s Iconic Role in Tin & Tina on Netflix

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Teresa Rabal may not be a household name for many people around the world, but she is a beloved figure in Spanish film, television, and music industry. The actress, singer, and television presenter has been a constant presence in the entertainment world for decades. Recently, she appeared in the Netflix movie “Tin & Tina,” playing the role of Sor Asunción, the nun at the convent who receives the married couple seeking to adopt a child.

Who is Teresa Rabal?

Teresa Rabal was born on November 5, 1952, in Barcelona, Spain, into a family of artists. Her parents were the well-known Spanish interpreters Francisco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer. Rabal began her acting career at the age of 9, when she was part of the film “Viridiana” (1961) by the famous filmmaker Luis Buñuel. She later took a long break from the big screen until the early seventies when she began to have supporting roles in films.

Teresa Rabal Was a Childhood Icon

In addition to her acting career, Rabal ventured into music and revolutionized the way music was made for children. She and her husband, singer and composer Luis Eduardo Rodrigo Espinosa, opted for records for children to be made by adults rather than children or adolescents. They released their first singles in the early eighties, which were a resounding success and sold millions of copies. Some of her best-known songs are “I see I see” and “I stand up”.


Teresa Rabal has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, and her work has left a lasting impact on the Spanish film, television, and music industry. Although many people around the world may not know her, she remains an icon for the Spanish children’s audience and a beloved figure for the Spanish public. Her recent appearance in “Tin & Tina” showcases her continuing talent and versatility as an actress.

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