Terrifying New Images of Venom: There Will Be Carnage; unpublished poster with its protagonists

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Venom: There Will Be Carnage, the next Spiderverse movie from Sony Pictures starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson (Venom and Carnage, respectively), has been let see on new images focused on its two symbiotic protagonists, in addition to sharing a new promotional poster with all the main actors and actresses of a sequel that, for now, maintains its theatrical release date for the next October 15th.

Sony symbiotes in new images

Thus, and thanks to this new set of images published by Sony Pictures, we have a new and closer look at both Venom and Carnage, the two symbiotes that promise to raise the doses of action of the franchise several integers. And it is that in the two trailers shared so far (especially the second of them) they have already let us see a little of the fierce and bloody battle Venom awaits us: There will be Carnage. And it is these new images of the film that seem to continue in the same direction.

Remember that Venom: There Will Be Carnage It has already accumulated several delays (one year, from October 2020 to October 2021) due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, waiting for the public to start going to the cinemas and thus achieve a minimum box office collection don’t make this type of blockbuster a commercial failure. And it is that a recent superhero movie like James Gunn’s Suicide Squad has suffered a severe setback at the global grossing level, with just $ 140 million, either due to its R rating or its simultaneous premiere on HBO Max; that is already the Most viewed DC movie of the platform.

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Going back to Venom 2, recently the rumor of a possible film delay to 2022, something that Sony has already denied. If everything goes as planned, the next October 15e we can already enjoy the premiere of Venom: There will be Carnage in theaters.

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