Terrifying Video Captures Tiger Shark Attack on Hawaii Kayaker

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A Distressing Moment: Fisherman Gets Attacked by Shark in Hawaii

A fisherman in Hawaii had a distressing experience when he was attacked by a shark while navigating the waters. The incident was caught on video thanks to a GoPro camera that the man accidentally left running after catching a fish on his kayak.

The Attack

The resident of the island was calmly sailing when a huge tiger shark suddenly approached his kayak. The animal charged at full speed towards the boat, causing it to move. Despite the impact, the fisherman managed to kick the shark, preventing it from pulling or biting him.

No Injuries

Scott Haraguchi, the man who experienced the attack, did not suffer any injuries despite the shark’s close encounter. He reported that he heard a sound similar to a boat at full speed before the encounter, though he did not spot any vessel nearby.

A Mistaken Identity?

Haraguchi believes that the shark may have mistaken him for an injured seal that he saw in the water a few minutes later after the attack. Nonetheless, the fisherman stated that this experience will not stop him from pursuing his love for fishing. Instead, he intends to take more precautions and be accompanied when entering the sea.


Shark attacks still happen occasionally in many parts of the world, so it is important to always be cautious when in the water. Despite this, incidents like Haraguchi’s are relatively rare, so it’s essential to avoid panicking and to take precautions to avoid encounters with these marine predators.

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