Terry Goldman from Psych: Who is He? Everything to Know

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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Have you watched Psych:The Movie which aired on the USA Network on December 7, 2017? Well, if yes, you might be in awe of the movie. Let me tell you that the movie has been filmed instead of the most prominent personality that helped in the growth of the “Psych” series on social media, that is, Terry Goldman. Keep scrolling to know more about him in this article.

Who is Terry Goldman?

Terry Goldman is the man behind the success of the hit series “Psych”. He promoted it so well on the social media network that his hard work and smart work combined to make the series immensely popular amongst the people. It was in his respect that “Psych:The Movie ” was aired on the USA Network in December 2017.

It is believed that the movie is entirely dedicated to Terry Goldman as a thank-you for mobilizing the Psych series with such ease and perfection. In an interview, the co-actor of the Psych film, James Roday claimed that it was Terry Goldman who was able to understand the good that social media holds and it was he who brought it to the best use to help the producers to make the people love the Psych series so much. 

He also remarked that Terry Goldman is a fun-loving guy and he used the existing opportunity of the social media platforms to the best levels possible. He loves to interact with people on various topics. Moreover, James told that Terry Goldman was able to build such a good connection with people because he is somehow a Psycho. 

About Terry Goldman

As per the sources, it can be said that Terry Goldman believed in keeping his privacy and secrecy up to the levels he can best maintain it. There is not much information available about him from most sources. However, from his Twitter handle, it can be concluded that Terry Goldman was born on June 5, 1972. Also, there is not much information that can be obtained on Terry Goldman’s parents and his childhood. 

Moreover, on his LinkedIn account, it is mentioned that he graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Marketing degree from the University of Phoenix. Adding onto this, Terry Goldman also went to Columbia College Hollywood for Film & TV Production. Terry Goldman strongly works on the philosophy that, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

His intellect, it can be said that Terry Goldman is pretty smart and intelligent. He put social media to the best working and used it as a powerful medium to launch and promote the Psych series. It was his intelligence that ended up in his success as well as the success of the series. Later on, to thank him in the best possible manner, “Psych:The Movie” was dedicated to him. 

Terry Goldman’s Career

Having graduated, Terry Goldman began working as a Brand Manager in Marketing. at Universal Studios Hollywood. Terry Goldman worked there from 1999 to 2003. His work included working across the corporate division of Home Video, Films, Television, Music, and Publishing to create and then implement cross-promotional marketing opportunities for Nickelodeon, Marvel, Animal Planet, etc.

Further, in 2004, Terry worked as the Director of Marketing Services with ElectricArtists. There, he planned, developed, and executed strategic, comprehensive, and integrated digital marketing campaigns that included digital publicity, online promotions, business-to-consumer campaigns, paid media strategies, digital word of mouth, sweepstakes creation and fulfillment, app development, website development, and digital content distribution for clients such as Netflix, Best Buy, History Channel, USA Network Nikon, Clorox, etc.

Later in 2010, Goldman joined AKA UK as the Director of Digital & Interactive Marketing. His work at AKA UK was to test and analyze the data with qualitative and quantitative approaches and then report the results for future campaign organization. In 2015, Goldman began working with Viacom and that was his last job. At Viacom, he served as the Senior Director of Social Media & Digital Engagement, VH1 & Logo. Also,  Goldman produced short-form pop culture digital video series for VH1 and other live social telecasts with network talent and social influencers.

Terry Goldman’s Accomplishments

Terry Goldman has always been a man of great value. All his hard work, determination, and intelligence helped him to win numerous awards throughout his entire career. In 2010, when Terry Goldman joined AKA UK, he won the 2010 OMMA Award for Mobile Marketing. Not only this, but Terry Goldman also received an award the for Psych Slumber Party. 

Then in 2014, Terry Goldman also received the Mashie Award 2014: Best Branded Facebook Page, Chrisley Knows Best. Again in 2017, he was awarded as the Winner of Fan Base Cultivation for America’s Next Top Model that was relaunched on VH1. All through his journey, Terry Goldman has been extremely sincere toward his work. Even though he changed a few jobs, he worked efficiently in all of them.

Terry Goldman’s Death

According to the reports, Goldman lost his battle with life at the age of 45. Terry Goldman died due to a sudden heart attack. It was in September 2017 that Terry got an instant heart attack and left all his fans and friends mourning. Everyone was deeply saddened and upset by Goldman’s untimely death. 

The people in the industry had a lasting impact on themselves after the death of Terry Goldman in 2017. Those from the industry shared their heart-wrenching grief and confessed the love that they possessed for Terry Goldman. People wished for his soul to rest in peace and that was obvious for the love he shared was the love he got back!


Terry Goldman was a pure soul who always had an innovative solution to everything. He adored life and tried to work for the best in every sphere of it. During his entire lifetime, he loved interacting with people. He was dearly loved and appreciated by his friends and by the people in the industry as well. Goldman changed jobs and excelled at every task that he did.

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