Tesla Cybertruck prices disappear from the web. Price rise?

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Tesla is one of the most important firms in the electric car segment. It has served as an inspiration for many, but they also have to renew their line to compete in an environment in which there are more and more rivals. But one of its models has not transcended as much as the rest and it is that today it has drawn attention that Tesla removed the Cybertruck prices from the web.

Why aren’t the Cybertruck prices listed?

You may have already seen a Tesla car running through your city and that is indicated that there are more and more users who can afford it. That depends, of course, on the model purchased, although it is still one of the most advanced vehicles on the automotive market. This with the permission of the other company car to which called Cybertruck and that, to this day, has not stepped on the asphalt.

The company already confirmed last August that they were not yet ready to see the Cybertruck on the road. Its launch was scheduled for this year, but everything indicates that we will see it more for next year and that may be why Tesla decided to hide the price on the web. Until now, the offer varied between three car models that had one, two and three engines with a clearly different range of autonomy and power. This was also noticeable in the price, which amounted to 39,900, 49,900 and 69,900 dollars respectively. This has disappeared from the page, and now you can only see how you can only make a small reservation of 100 euros that can be refunded.

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Without Cybertruck until 2022

As we mentioned to you, Tesla has delayed the Cybertruck to 2022, but many are wondering about the sudden price retreat that has occurred today. And this may mean that the firm is thinking of raising the price of its vehicle. The idea is not at all far-fetched as it involves putting it on a par with the rest of the models.

And we have to remember that this year Tesla has raised the price of some of its vehicles, as it comments ReviewGeek, where he gives the example of the Model S that now costs almost $ 42,000. In the case of the Cybertruck it is still unknown since you still have to know the cost of the different configurations that we mentioned before.


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