Tesla Model 3 Redesign Revealed in Stunning New Photos

By: Dan Cooper

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Possible Design of the New Tesla Model 3 Leaked

We have been eagerly anticipating the release of Tesla’s new affordable electric car, the Model 3, for quite some time now. We have already learned some information, such as its codename being “Highland” and it featuring a new design. Recently, leaked images have surfaced which seem to confirm the previous rumors regarding the new design of the Model 3.

Appearance of the New Tesla Model 3

The leaked image of the front of the car, shared on Reddit forums, which we cannot 100% confirm as real, shows a distinct change in the front fender. It now has a more stylized appearance, and the interior cabin has a greater curvature. These changes match previous rumors about the new design.

In addition, the new Model 3 comes with unique headlights that resemble the Tesla Roadster, distinguishing it from the upcoming Model Y, a lower-priced EV from Tesla.

Production Timeline and Features

The Tesla Model 3 is not expected to be available in the market until 2024, although production is slated to begin in the third quarter of this year. The vehicle includes a larger control panel, hence the cabin’s greater curvature, to better display all of the necessary information. Furthermore, new cameras promise to enhance the Autopilot system.

Upcoming Low-Priced Electric Cars from Tesla

Tesla’s production of the Model Y, another highly anticipated affordable electric car, is also expected to begin soon.

Overall, the leaked Model 3 design images promise a sleek and updated appearance for the new Tesla vehicle, and Tesla enthusiasts can look forward to seeing it on the road in the next few years.

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