Tesla Model S, charging speed of 1,600km/h

One of the biggest advantages that Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ) has is the Supercharger network. The auto giant has more than 25,000 Supercharger locations around the world, enabling extremely high charging speeds exclusively for Tesla electric vehicles (EVs).

This allows drivers to make long-distance trips in their electric vehicles, compared to what could be done in a gasoline car.

Tesla’s newest car, the Plaid Model S, is impressing many with its speed and quiet interior. Likewise, it seems that the loading speed has also improved compared to its predecessor.

One of the few owners of the updated Model S posted a photo of his car charging at one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations. The screen showed the car at 34% charge, with a rate of increase of more than 1,600 added kilometers of range per hour. The charging rate is 246 kW, compared to the manufacturer’s maximum speed of 250 kW, which places Tesla cars among the fastest charging electric vehicles available.998 miles per hour at 34% battery charge @TeslaCharging pic.twitter.com/C0GiiTHwtx

— Marge ♡ (@Manic_Marge) June 16, 2021

As an EV charges and its battery fills up, the charging speed slows down. So, although the rate shown in the image will not be maintained for the entire duration of the charge, 246kW at 34% is a huge improvement in charging speed.

Tesla’s Model S 90D, an older model, would have a charging rate closer to 110kW at around 34%, less than half the speed of the S.

Tesla has touted that the Model S reaches 300 kilometers in range with just 15 minutes of charging on a Supercharger. Combined with regular charging of household vehicles at night, Model S owners will have no problem getting enough range for their daily activities.

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