Tesla offers electric cyberquads for children

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla has introduced an electrically powered four-wheeled Cyberquad for children ages 8 and up, which costs 1900 US dollars (about 1,676 euros). The quad in the design of Tesla’s Cybertruck has been available in the US Tesla shop since Wednesday.

The martial, angular design with light strips on the front and rear is taken over by the Cyberquad from Tesla’s Cybertruck, which was designed by Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. Von Holzhausen posted on Thursday an ad-worthy video on Twittershowing the cyber quad in action with its children. Holzhausen itself can also be seen in the video on the quad, although with a dead weight of 55 kilograms it can only tolerate a maximum of 68 kilograms of payload. According to Tesla, the Cyberquad has a steel frame. The seat is padded.

The design of the Cyberquad is based on that of the Telsa Cybertruck.
(Bild: Tesla (Screenshot))

A 500 watt electric motor drives the rigid rear axle of the Cyber ​​Quad, which is decelerated by a single brake disc via a handbrake lever. The quad should reach a top speed of a maximum of 10 mph (about 16 km / h). The kids accelerate with a thumb throttle. If necessary, the top speed can be limited to 8 km / h at the push of a button so that the little ones don’t drive away from their parents so quickly. It should also be able to drive 8 km / h in reverse gear. The 288 Wh battery should bring the vehicle around 25 kilometers before the Cyberquad has to be plugged back into the socket to charge. The charging time with the enclosed charger should be around 5 hours.

Tesla’s Cyberquad is delivered as a kit, so that parents can still have some tinkering fun. However, the work is limited to the assembly of the handlebars and the attachment of the four profiled tires and the rear shock absorber, which should make the mini-quad a little more comfortable during off-road driving and give it traction. The preload of the shock absorber can be adjusted. The front steering axle, on the other hand, is rigid, as the instructions show. There are no front brakes.

The earliest delivery of the Cyberquad should take place in two to four weeks. Timely delivery before Christmas is therefore not guaranteed. In any case, the Cyberquad is currently only being delivered in the USA – with the exception of Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. It is unknown whether and when the Cyberquad will come to Germany and at what price.


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