Tesla recalls 11,700 vehicles why?

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Security is one of the most important parts of any company that has a technological product. If we are already talking about the case of cars, with more reason a periodic review is necessary and being clear that it is necessary to review the different parts of the vehicle is a priority. At the end of the day, driving is the most dangerous activity you can do during the day, more than enough reason not to leave it in the hands of a machine at this time. And that is why Tesla has issued a major order by removing thousands of cars from the road.

A failure in artificial intelligence is to blame

In these times, artificial intelligence is the present. Different companies are looking for a way to progress on this side and many succeed in their different areas. In the case of cars, you work in a way in which the vehicle itself is the one that takes you instead of you being the one taking the controls, or at least you can rest a little while you are behind the wheel.

However, it is not a completely reliable technology due to the fact that errors can occur in the system. And it is that in Tesla they have had to call no less than 11,704 vehicles for review for a flaw detected in artificial intelligence. The problem has been detected, according to what you comment Gizmodo, and eThe driving system that unexpectedly activated the brakes.

This is a serious problem that can cause many collisions, especially if we take into account that the braking is sudden. And it is that no protocol is activated since it is none other than connecting the brake by warning of frontal collision. This is what has caused the company to recall so many vehicles that have already been reported to the company.

A beta glitch

One thing to keep in mind is that Tesla’s autonomous driving program is powerful, but it is still in beta. The company is still working to deliver a final version as soon as possible, but at the moment there is no forecast that this will arrive anytime soon. Elon Musk has already commented on this in a tweet in which he also affirms the importance of user safety that Tesla has.


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