Tesla won’t let its drivers play games while they drive

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Tesla is one of the most important car companies when it comes to technology. The firm not only promotes the use of electric cars, but also the use of artificial intelligence to drive by anyone. However, there are countries where the use of this feature is prohibited for the mere fact that drivers are not aware of what is happening on the road. What’s more, some are dedicated to playing the games that the car has, something that the company could eliminate forever.

Goodbye to Tesla games

It is very comfortable to sit anywhere in the car so that it takes you to the point where you want. In fact, you can even sit in the driver’s seat and only touch the steering wheel when necessary, as requested in the Tesla. However, some drivers were playing the car’s own games, which is a serious problem when hitting the road.

The fact is that these types of acts have reached a point where an investigation has been established on the company itself with the aim of seeing the impact of Tesla’s games on the attention of drivers. The fact is that the company has an application in which they offer different driving games or even solitaire or Sonic among others in the function called Passenger Play.

This could mean a before and after in the manufacture of the different devices of the company with the elimination of this function or, at least, block it while the pilot is in the driver’s seat pending what happens on the road. And it is that although the car works it is only possible that a quick reaction of the user makes the difference between avoiding an obstacle or not.

As we told you at the beginning, there are countries in which the Autopilot function is prohibited, so you cannot use the car with artificial intelligence. We will have to wait for the decision of Elon Musk’s company.


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