Test and tricks for Apple TV in the Mac & i podcast

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Years later, Apple has renewed the Apple TV 4K and, in addition to the more powerful processor and a new Siri remote control with click pad, has given the TV box some not-so-obvious improvements such as thread and higher frame rates with Dolby Vision.

In a conversation with colleagues Holger Zelder and Sebastian Trepesch, Mac & i editor Johannes Schuster clarifies when the changes will be noticeable and what the Apple TV 4K 2021 and the new Siri remote will do in the test.

In addition, in the 19th podcast of Mac & i, the Apple experts give tips and tricks on how to get more out of Apple TVs from previous generations, for example to improve color reproduction through calibration with the iPhone or to navigate with a Bluetooth keyboard. You can find 31 tips for the Apple TV in Mac & i issue 4/2021.

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The whole episode as an audio stream (RSS-Feed) to listen and download:

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You can download the Apple podcast from Mac & i via RSS feed (Audio or video) with the podcast app of your choice. You can also find it to watch or listen to in Apple’s podcast directory (Audio or Video), at YouTube and Spotify.

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