Texas tourist crashes a drone into World Trade Center 7 and unleashes a huge police operation

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Adam Ismail, a young man from Texas who was visiting New York City (USA) as a tourist, accidentally crashed a drone into the World Trade Center 7 Monday night, prompting a massive response from city and federal police forces and ending with a subpoena and an unforgettable lesson for the traveler.

The unsuspecting tourist He said to the Daily News that it was just aspiring to shoot some amazing images of Manhattan when it released his DJA Air 2 drone, which soon crashed and got stuck between two glass panels, just above the main entrance, on the eighth floor of that 52-year-old building.

Ismail was detained by agents from the Port Authority Police Department and later interviewed by the New York Police and the FBI.

The young man explained that his purpose was record images for your approximately 3,000 followers on the social network Instagram and that he did not know that the building was part of the World Trade Center, so the terrorist attacks of September 11 did not cross his mind.

“It was all a New York greeting. Now I have a great New York story,” he said. “Everyone was nice. I didn’t give the police a hard time, and they didn’t give me a hard time. They just had to check that I was doing what I said I was doing“.

As a result of the misfortune, the Port Authority police issued him a citation for violating the city code, which outlaws the personal use of drones. For Ismail, the loss of his device was just a small price to pay: “I’m glad I’m not in jail,” he said.

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