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#TGIQF – the news quiz for calendar week 41

TV screen legends in space, censorship quarrels in China, new releases for Linux fans and ransomware again and again. If these topics sound familiar to you, you have probably been paying close attention to the tech news coverage over the past few days. Check out how much of it you have really remembered – with our ten Friday quiz questions.

We hope you enjoy the quizzes and we keep our fingers crossed that you keep a cool head despite the ticking clock!

Do you have any feedback or need to discuss the quiz? Then use the forum, Twitter or Facebook (#tgiqf) – just not for spoilers, please. You are also welcome to send ideas and suggestions for future quizzes directly to the quiz master.

“Thank God It’s Quiz Friday!” Every Friday there is a new quiz on the topics of IT, technology, entertainment or nerd knowledge:


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