#TGIQF – the quiz about ARM (processors)

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Mediatek and Qualcomm used the end of the year to announce their fastest systems-on-chip (SoC) for smartphones to date. Thanks to new CPU cores and modern production technology, they should be particularly efficient.

We take the opportunity for a small ARM quiz that focuses on smartphones and their mobile processors. As always, we hope you enjoy participating!

As always, the watch is relentless in the fight for the correct answers, but as usual rewards quick decisions with more points. As always, please keep the correct answers to yourself so as not to spoil the fun of other players. You can post your score, praise or criticism as usual in the forum or at Twitter and up Facebook under #tgiqf share.

Thanks for all the quiz tips from the community so far! As always, your quiz master will be happy to receive an email if you have an idea for a great quiz.


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