#TGIQF – the quiz: heise online in numbers 2021

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After the completely corona-free annual review in our quiz of the most important headlines, this quiz is about lesser-known numbers about heise online, such as the length of visits, most forum contributions or reading times. Since you cannot google the answers to the questions anyway, this time we waived a time limit for answering the questions.

“Thank God It’s Quiz Friday!” Every Friday there is a new quiz on the topics of IT, technology, entertainment or nerd knowledge:

Special thanks go to our colleague Knut Pape, who teased all the answers out of our analysis tools. But now good luck and fun with guessing and guessing:

Do you have any feedback or need to discuss the quiz? Then use the forum, Twitter or Facebook (#tgiqf) – just not for spoilers, please. You are also welcome to send ideas and suggestions for future quizzes directly to the quiz master.


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