#TGIQF – the quiz on 15 years of the iPhone

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The very first public presentation of the original iPhone is now 15 years ago. Back then, Steve Jobs touted the iPhone as a touchscreen iPod, cellular phone, and Internet communication device all in one. “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” Jobs said at the time.

In 2022, the iPhone will be unthinkable. The smartphone division helped Apple to have the highest market cap in the world – the company has since surpassed $3 trillion (it’s currently slightly below due to a decline in stock value).

Due to the occasion, today’s TGIQF quiz takes place in the name of the iPhone. Many questions relate to the original iPhone model, but a few also address later developments. As always, we wish you lots of fun participating!

As always, the clock is relentless in the fight for the right answers, but as usual, quick decisions are rewarded with more points. As always, please keep the correct answers to yourself, so as not to spoil the puzzle fun for other players. As usual, you can post your score, praise or criticism in the forum or at Twitter and up Facebook under #tgiqf divide.

Thanks for all the quiz tips from the community so far! As always, your quiz master is happy to receive an email if you have an idea for a great quiz.


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