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Thaís Casalino forced Nílver Huárac to apologize to Pamela Franco: “Women are not a product” | VIDEO – MAG.

Nílver Huárac appeared on Monday morning in the program “Mujeres Al Mando” after the last days he was in the eye of the storm for coming to the fore to declare that it was he who paid for the singing classes and the surgeries of Pamela Franco when I was a member of Alma Bella.

The music producer went to the Latina magazine to participate in a sequence of questions and answers and, as expected, he could not avoid being consulted about it. “Do you regret having said that you paid for Pamela Franco’s surgeries?”, was the question that was thrown at him and he was sincere in answering.

“I said it in a generic way, that we businessmen give national values ​​the opportunity to work. In this case, people like Pamela (Franco), Micheille (Soifer), Vania (Bludau), Gánesis (Tapia), etc, etc. The subject of her, punctually and I don’t even remember “, Indian.

His words were questioned by Thaís Casalino, host of the space, who told him: “But Nílver, it is important that you remember, because these statements as such were very painful, so we ask you, do you regret having said that you paid for Pamela Franco’s surgeries?”

Huárac replied: “One can not regret what he says, the truths, truths are, even if they hurt”. Not happy, the journalist insisted: “So, don’t you think those statements were wrong? Above all, and I repeat, she is a woman and not a product “.

And continued: “We are at this time in a fight against gender violence, the objectification of women, telling her that you own it or that she owes you something because you paid for her surgeries hurts all women ”.

Faced with this comment, Nílver had no choice but to apologize: “I have to be a very gentleman. Sometimes one makes some ‘improntus’. If situations like these affect her and all women, I apologize for the case. You have to have affection and respect for women, I have a mother, and also daughters ”.

At that moment, Rafael Cardozo intervened to tell him: “Nílver, you have the camera here and if you have to apologize, it is not me or Thaís”; to which the producer added: “Well, if I have to apologize to Pamela, I will have to apologize to all the women I had to work with.”

“I never had problems with any of the former members of the Nílver Huárac company … The apologies of the case. Do not ask about that anymore, matter settled “, he added, after which Casalino reminded him: “And the woman is not a product, she is not a thing, to say that one is the owner for that ”.

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