Thalí García: A Closer Look at the Actress from El Señor de los Cielos

La actriz mexicana Thali García mostró la primera foto de su bebé ...

A Strong-Willed Celebrity: Thalí García

Among the celebrities there is Thalí García, a woman with a strong character who will not let anyone disrespect her and will not hesitate to confront what she considers her enemies. Because of this, we tell you who she is and everything you need to know about her. Before we told you that according to a video circulating on social networks about her presence in the program, it is seen that she is having an altercation, which would have reached the hands, with the Peruvian Shirley Arica, who ended up being expelled. So get ready to see it from July 18. The celebrity is part of “Los 50”.

1. Personal Data of Thalí García

Full name: Thalí Alejandra García Arce
Place of birth: Hermosillo, Sonora, México
Nationality: Mexican
Birthday: March 14
Year of birth: 1990
Age: 33 years
Instagram: @thaligarcia

2. Who is Thalí García?

Thalí García is a talented Mexican actress, model, and presenter. She has participated in successful productions such as “Silvana sin lana” and “El Señor de los Cielos“.

3. How Did She Rise to Fame?

Garcia rose to fame on the Televisión Azteca reality show “High School Musical: la selección” (2007) when she was looking for the leads for the Mexican version of the movie “High School Musical”.

4. Seeking to Forge a Career as an Actress

As a result of the television experience she gained, she left her native Hermosillo at the age of 17 and settled in Mexico City, where she began her career as an actress. “I’m missing my pink hair a little,” she wrote on December 10. June 2023 (Photo: Thalí García / Instagram)

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5. Television Presenter

In Mexico, she was the presenter of the Mexican version of “Nickers”, a Nickelodeon Latin America program.

6. Acting Career

Among the productions in which she participated are: “Secrets of the soul” (2008), “Rosa diamante” (2012), “You had to be a man” (2013-2014), “Silvana sin lana” (2016-2017), “El Lord of the Skies” (2018-present), “De brutas, nada” (2020), “The rich also cry” (2022) and many more. “Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!” wrote the May 24, 2023.

7. The Strange Disease of Thalí García

In 2020, Thalí García revealed that she had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which led her to gain considerable weight, something that depressed her, but she knew how to recover from it. “I swear that I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself and did not recognize myself beyond the physical, that of course this disease changed my features, my body, everything. I have always considered myself a super-warrior, super-strong, super-positive woman and I am that friend who always wants to cheer you on and get you ahead, so for the first time in my life I couldn’t even be that friend to myself,” she commented in a story on his Instagram account. “I stopped questioning myself and said: ‘I am going to embrace this reality, I am going to accept it, I am going to accept that I am going to have to live perhaps the rest of my life with this disease and that it is going to be a challenge for me to try to lead a healthy lifestyle and look healthy,’ “he added in September 2022. That’s how he stood up and worked on it to get ahead; and she finally achieved it.”If you saw yourself with the eyes that I see you”, she wrote on March 12, 2023, from Paris.

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8. Does Thalí García Have a Partner?

Yes, Thalí García has a partner. She is married to Felipe Aguilar Dulce, director and writer, with whom she has a son named Andrés who was born in 2017.

9. How Many Children Does Thalía García Have?

Thalí García has two children: Natalia, who came into this world in 2015, the result of her relationship with Gabriel Romero, from whom she separated in 2016, and Andrés.

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