Thank you Total – Soda Stereo: I answered the trivia and participate for a luxury experience

The 18 and 19 from December Soda Stereo will present his latest show at the Polo field. It will be two nights full of emotion, with a tour of all the classics of one of the most important bands in Argentine history. Therefore, the proposal of La Viola is a real bomb: you can go to the concert and have a unique experience.

On “Total Thanks-Soda Stereo”, Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio they will celebrate the music and history of the group with a live concert together with international and national guests.

Those summoned for this tour will be Adrián Dárgelos, Andrea Echeverri, Benito Cerati, Chris Martin, Draco Rosa, Fernando Ruiz Díaz, Gustavo Santaolalla, Juanes, Julieta Venegas, León Larregui, Mon Laferte, Richard Coleman, Rubén Albarrán and Walas, among others. Some of these musicians will be in person and others virtually, through a stage setting of more than 400m2.

In addition, colleagues and technicians who were an important part of the history and the group’s journey will participate, such as Fabián ¨el Zorrito¨ Von Quintiero and Adrián Taverna.

“Total Thanks – Soda Stereo”: how to participate in the trivia

The Viola organized a trivia in which You can win passes to see the show and also experience the backstage of the show. Thus, you will know in privacy what the recital is like.

On the back, you answer seven questions, show how much you know and can be one of the lucky ones who will beat “Total Thanks – Soda Stereo” in a completely different way.

If you can’t see the Trivia, click here.

Soda Stereo’s new tour

The music of Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti it marked generations in Argentina and throughout Latin America. “The Sep7imo Día project brought us together. We met after several years. We did the duel of Gustavo’s (Cerati) departure listening to those tracks. We went back to manipulating all our songs in the studio and it gave us security “, Bosio told La Viola in February last year about the origin of the idea. “We want this tour to be at the same level as that experience,” he added.

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“It is a show that has to do with closeness, friendship and the need to be surrounded by people we believe in and who are friends,” summarized Charly Alberti. Both musicians felt the need to play those beloved songs once again. “We are guardians of our issues,” they clarified.

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