That’s how easy it is to share a tweet on Instagram

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Nowadays it is very easy to share content on the Internet thanks to this function that has its name. At the end of the day, it is a feature that speeds up the process of copying the URL, going to another application, pasting the address and if it gives you the option to edit it. This may be what you did more than once on Instagram, but finally Twitter streamlines the process of sharing tweets in stories.

Finally a feature to share tweets in stories

Maybe if we ask you how you can send content to other users through the Internet, you will know a couple of tricks. Email, WhatsApp or any social network that you have on your smartphone are some of the ones you have at your disposal, but there is a specific one that has improved the function of sharing Twitter tweets. That’s Instagram, although it all comes from Jack Dorsey’s company.

It turns out that the bird’s social network has been working on a feature that enables the sharing function of a Tweet and Instagram. The procedure is the same as always, clicking on the button that has a circle that forks in two, and from there you can select Instagram. But this time you will not choose where the publication goes as it will be assigned to the stories. This will help all those who want to share not only a link, but also an image of what they have seen. Until now everything was possible using something as rudimentary as a screenshot that you can avoid to show the message that interests you.

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For now, only on iOS

It is good news that the applications that you usually frequent have synergies between them. Especially if the content of some can be combined with the functions of others, although unfortunately not everyone can use this feature early on from their smartphone. And we say this because This novelty with which you can easily share tweets in Instagram stories will come out first on iOS.

This is how the bird’s social network wanted it, which is still working on adapting this setting for android phones. Until the moment comes, we just have to wait, although integrations of this style will not take long to land on the rest of the phones.


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