The 10 best MMORPGs ever

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The so-called MMORPGs, massively multiplayer role-playing games, are the works that require the most time and commitment from the player. They are worlds unto themselves, places where we can alternate between our real life problems and those of the virtual one. Thousands and thousands of hours can be spent between its pixels, and therefore we wanted to choose the 10 best MMORPGs in history.

Importantly, it is about a personal list that we have made through the votes of the MRT newsroom, that is to say, it is not in any case an objective list. Do not get nervous when you see that great exponents of the genre are not on the list or one that is your favorite, but for that reason the comments are open and are more than welcome as valuable contributions. What are your essentials?

We have tried to make the list consist of games that can still be easily played to this day, and that they maintain a certain validity in the middle of the year 2021.

Knowing all this, we can start with the selection.

Top 10 MMORPGs

10. Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI arrived in 2002, and if you were like us, you had to mess it up really bad to be able to play on PS2. In 2021 and there is still a community dedicated to helping new players experience this incredible Final Fantasy story. The controls are a bit fiddly by modern standards, but we got a new chapter the other day! Final Fantasy XI will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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9. DC Universe Online

Would you rather have the power to fly or super speed? Why not both? DC Universe Online has been a home for DC fans and superheroes and continues to go from strength to strength 10 years later on 5 different platforms. Now that DCUO is a free game it is more accessible than ever and still has major content updates like the latest World of Flashpoint. City of Heroes laid the foundation for superhero MMORPGs, but DCUO has so much history and existing characters that it was a must-see on the list.

8. Tera

In a genre that relies heavily on insistence to get the numbers going, Tera sets herself apart from the rest with an action combat system that still feels good today. Your gameplay is highly dependent on skill, and the BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters) roaming your world freely. It has issues like animation crashing and an unsatisfactory ending, but Tera’s combat is still fun to play, and that’s quite a feat for a free MMO released a decade ago.

7. EVE Online

Eve Online, a game of astonishing depth and complexity, has nurtured a player base since 2003 which translates to significant consequences: you can permanently lose ships worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and the freedom for players to do just about anything. thing, like helping with the Covid-19 investigation or even organizing a moving tribute to Stephen Hawking. Eve Online has found a way to endure for nearly two decades by being uncompromising in her vision, one that is amazing.

6. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Storytelling is vital in role-playing games, and Bioware has an excellent story in Star Wars: The Old Republic. For fans of the classic KOTOR series who may not be well versed in MMORPGs, Star Wars: The Old Republic has also been modified to be single-player compatible, and now that the game is free, anyone can participate. to test the stories and the first couple of expansions. Major content updates don’t seem to be as frequent as they once were, but this game is still worth getting back to.

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5. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 popularized the MMO concept with no monthly fees and continues that business model to this day. It is also very accessible; While it encourages social interaction and cooperation with others, it is also largely playable alone. Add the “Living World” approach, a totally original weapon system, and you have the recipe to cook a game that stands the test of time. There’s even a new expansion, End of Dragons, scheduled for release in 2021.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online allows you to get lost in a fantasy world where you can control your own story down to the last detail. Do you want to be able to invoke dark magic or do you prefer to be a forest elf with the power of nature? ESO combines beautiful landscapes that you can easily travel through, wonderful combat, and extensive mission options, all while allowing you to play alongside your friends. With constant DLC updates and performance improvements, it continues to improve and it is always a good time to step into its world, especially for those who loved Skyrim and other games in the series. We recently told you about their latest expansion, Blackwood.

3. Phantasy Star Online 2

Although the UI and menu layout feel a bit dated, Phantasy Star Online 2 still feels incredibly fresh thanks to fast-action anime sci-fi combat, awesome character creation tools, randomly generated fields, excellent band. electronic sound and its chaotic missions. It’s had over eight years of content updates rolling out last year with its western release, and it’s getting a new open world, graphics engine update, new systems, and more soon, thanks to New Genesis. His future looks bright.

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2. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft changed the MMORPG genre forever after its original release in 2004, differentiating itself from previous games by being more accessible for newcomers but maintaining complexity for veterans. With nearly sixteen years of patches and eight expansions, WoW is an industry titan. While Shadowlands has experienced some issues, there is no denying that this play still has years of quests, raids, dungeons, and much more ahead of it. With the option to also access WoW: Classic and the recently released Burning Crusade Classic servers, there have never been more and better ways to experience World of Warcraft.

1. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, one of the biggest modern success stories in video game history, took a widely criticized game at launch and completely redesigned it to sit atop the MMORPG throne. Final Fantasy XIV has only gotten better since launch with three expansions and a fourth on the way, adding new classes, dungeons, and raids drawn from Final Fantasy history and other Square Enix properties like Nier Automata. Final Fantasy XV may have come and gone, and Final Fantasy XVI is on its way, but A Realm Reborn still shows no signs of tiredness and becomes our favorite MMORPG ever.

And here we end! These are, for us, the 10 best MMORPGs ever. Which ones are yours?

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