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The 10 most demanded green jobs and with them you can earn up to US $ 100,000 a year

Attention to the environment from both governments and employers and the demand for new green jobs are growing in gradual steps, as the effects of climate change are becoming stronger.

Tech giants like Google have announced the creation of more than 20,000 jobs related to so-called clean energy by 2025; while the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in environmental science and specialties will grow 8% in the next decade.

“Investors are increasingly asking companies what they are doing to address the climate crisis, because science alerts us to all these problems that could affect business, and investors do not like risks,” he told CNBC Make It , Valeria Orozco, Indeed’s Director of Sustainability.

Here we share the 10 most demanded ecological and sustainable jobs and how much they pay:

Environmental specialists observe the impact of a population on the environment, identify problems and recommend solutions, explains Job Hero. They are also in charge of internal environmental audit programs for different sectors of the industry.

Median annual salary: $ 63,915.

Its mission is to design and supervise the construction of infrastructure systems in the public and private sectors, from roads and buildings to tunnels and dams.

Median salary: $ 83,970.

They study how environmental factors affect human health and investigate potential risks to both human health and environmental health.

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