The 10 towns you have to know in Argentina

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There are towns that deserve to be visited by the beauty and cultural richness they own. Places where it seems that time stops and decides never to pass. To rest the mind and soul, extended from north to south and from east to west, they are ideal to get out of the routines and visit wonderful corners of our lands. There is still much to discover in our nation.

Below you can review a list with the top ten of the most beautiful towns in our republic.

1-The Caves

Nice beaches to visit. Being surrounded by the Gulf of San Matías, the cold hardly appears when you are in the water. They are so called because the beach is at the foot of a cliff and different caves and natural pools have formed on the rock wall that appear once the tide goes out. It is par excellence one of the beaches preferred by backpackers.

2- Purmamarca

There is one of the most representative landscapes in the north of the country, the Cerro de los Siete Colores. Red, pink, white, purple, green, brown and yellow, each formed in a different era and ready to dazzle you. It is advisable to go at sunrise to appreciate those beautiful natural colors.

3- San Ignacio

Located 300 kms south of the Iguazu Falls.It is a town with great beauty on the Argentine coast. Not only can you visit the Jesuit ruins World Heritage Site, but also delve into the Guaraní culture by buying their handicrafts and visiting yerba mate plantations that are in the surroundings. You can have a cold mate, known as tereré.

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4- Tilcara

It is one of the most beautiful towns in northern Argentina and is located a few kilometers from Purmamarca. With its small low houses located on the banks of the Rio Grande that runs along the Quebrada de Humahuaca, you will be able to enjoy the delicious northern gastronomy at the same time that you will be able to make precious handicrafts to take with you as souvenirs.

5- Uspallata

It stands in the middle of the Andes mountains, at the foot of Aconcagu Hilla, the highest mountain in America, It is one of the most beautiful towns in Argentina, It is part of the history of the country and of neighboring countries, since the Crossing of the Andes started from there for the liberation of Chile that was in the hands of the Spanish. It is an area rich in Triassic fossils, petroglyphs and minerals of all kinds.

6- Tafí del Valle

The Menhires park and the natural environment of the Tafí Valley It is what you will find in this charming town in northern Argentina. You will have to make several visits when you are there. Pass the elongated stone monoliths carved by local Aborigines millennia ago, while doing a bit of trekking and horseback riding or paragliding. Taste Tafí cheese and other quesillos, a tradition inherited from the Jesuits who inhabited the area.

7- Villa La Angostura

Very close to Bariloche, on the north side of Lake Nahuel Huapi, is the Jardin de la Patagonia. This nickname is due to the beauty of the landscape where it is framed and it is what makes Villa La Angostura deserve to belong to this list of the most beautiful towns chosen for you. Whether you want to visit it in winter or summer, there are a variety of activities to do, ranging from skiing and snowboarding, to trekking, mountain biking, and sport fishing.

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8-Villa General Belgrano

If you like craft beer, this is the place to go. This charming town is actually a German colony. In the week of October 12, which is a national holiday, the Beer Fest that brings together fans of this drink, to spend a few days in pure German and Cordoba tradition. Villa General Belgrano is located in the Sierra de Calamuchita and is ideal for hiking and cooling off in the streams that run down the mountain. Very close to there is La Cumbrecita, one of the most important tourist spots in the province of Córdoba that deserves to be visited.

9- Puerto Pirámides

Located within the Peninsula Valdes, is this small town and coastal port. There you can stay to sleep in one of its campsites and go into the sea to watch the southern right whale, if you go in season (June to November). It is a great idea to take advantage of renting a car and touring the Natural Reserve to discover its native fauna.

10- El Chaltén

This new tourist village born in the Los Glaciares National Park It should not be missing among the most beautiful towns in Argentina and its location at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy and Mount Torres, loved by mountain climbers, is wonderful.

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